ICTA Past Presidents

1930 – 31 W.P. Sandford, University of Illinois

1932 Ralph Dennis, Northwestern University

1933 Fed S. Sorensen, Illinois State Normal University

1934 – 35 G.W. Campbell, Northern Illinois State Teachers

1936 Glenn Foss, Eastern Illinois State Teachers

1937 – 38 Mary Blackburn, Granite City High School

1939 John Shaver, Des Plaines-Park Ridge High School

1940 Roberta Poos, Eastern Illinois State Teachers

1941 James D. McBurney, Eastern Illinois State Teachers

1942 – 45 F.L.D. Holmes, Illinois State Normal State Teachers

1946 Karl Robinson, Northwestern University

1947 Frank Tomlinson, Lake Forest College

1948 William O’Connell, Northern Illinois University

1949 Marion Stuart, Champaign High School

1950 L.E. Norton, Bradley University

1951 Mary E. Williams, Oak Park Schools

1952 Wayne Thompson, University of Illinois Chicago

1953 Clarence Nystrom, Wheaton College

1954 Ivan L. Rehn, Lyons Township High School

1955 Halbert E. Gulley, University of Illinois

1956Melba Wixom, Waukegan Township High School

1957 Paul Hunsinger, Southern Illinois University

1958 Jeanette Lloyd, Freeport High School

1959 G. Bradford Barber, Illinois State University

1960 Bob F. Johnston, Homewood-Flossmoor High School

1961 Ralph A Micken, Southern Illinois University

1962 Earl R. Davis, Thornton Fractional South High School

1963 Marie Robinson, Illinois Wesleyan University

1964 Ralph Lane, Glenbrook North High School

1965 Charlotte Lee, Northwestern University

1966 Edith Harrod, Pekin Community High School

1967 Charles A. White, Illinois State University

1968 William E. Sanders, New Trier West High School

1969 Marvin Kleinau, Southern Illinois University

1970 Wanda Mitchell, Evanston High School

1971 Donald Marine, Illinois Central College

1972 Richard Hunsaker, Belleville West High School

1973 E. Neal Claussen, Bradley University

1974 John Duffin, Ottawa Township High School

1975Clyde Fairies, Western Illinois University

1976 Douglas R. Springer, Pekin Community High School

1977 Don Morlan, University of Dayton/Eastern Illinois University

1978 – 79 Maxine Joyce, Macomb High School

1980 W. “Bud” Williams, Wheaton North High School

1981 George Tuttle, Illinois State University

1982 Thomas B. McClain, New Trier East High School

1983 Phillip A. Gray, Northern Illinois University

1984 Paul J. Haywood, Homewood-Flossmoor High School

1985 Jerry Mathis, Sauk Valley College

1986 Don R. Rourke, Crystal Lake Central High School

1987 Marion Kleinau, Southern Illinois University

1988 John B. Davis, Warren Township High School

1989 David Arnold, Rock Valley College

1990 Connie Link, Heyworth High School

1991 William Semlak, Illinois State University

1992Joseph Henry Rust, Rend Lake College

1993 Deb Woodard, Warren Township High School

1994 Jan Heiteen, Downers Grove South High School

1995 Ken Hawkinson, Western Illinois University

1996 Morris Snively, Belleville East High School

1997 Elighie Wilson III, Millikin University

1998 Lauren Morgan, Normal Community - College of DuPage

1999 Barbara I. Hall, University of Illinois

2000 Allan Kimball, Southeastern Illinois college

2001 Tom Pace, Southern Illinois University

2002 Carol Harms, Belleville East High School

2003 Tina Winings, Charleston High School

2004 Douglas K. Jennings, Illinois State University

2005 Jane Bailey, Waterloo High School

2006 Ed Schwarz, Prairie State College 

2007 B.J. Lawrence, Bradley University

2008 Ed Jodlowski, Lincoln Community High School

2009 Eric Ewan, Pekin Community High School

2010 Jeff Przybylo, Harper College

2011 Dave Naze, Prairie State College

2012 Ann Witting, Thornton Fractional South High School

2013 Judy Santacaterina, Northern Illinois University

2014 Ellie Marvin, Normal West High School

2015 Kevin Long, Harper College

2016 Adam Jenkins, Belleville West High School

2017 Kacy Abeln, College of DuPage

2018 Julie Weishar, Parkland Community College

2019 Lisa Stout, Washington Community High School

2020 Brian Rohman, University High School

2021  Bryan Asbury, Illinois Central College

2022 Janine Stroemer, Homewood-Flossmoor High School

2023 Dana Trunnell, Prairie State College

Illinois Communication and Theatre Association

C/O Edward Schwarz

Prairie State College

202 S. Halsted St.

Chicago Heights, IL 60411


Joining us gives permission to share any photos or video taken at conference or shared by other members. We need to advocate for ourselves and our students' futures in Illinois in the areas of communication and theatre. If you wish to not have a photo published on the web, please contact illinoiscta@gmail.com